Is there anything more personal than creating something yourself, with your own hands? A gift or just something to cheer up your interior. In my books you will find countless designs, to help you create a wonderfull item. I'm handing the basis, you can create your own personal item in the colors that you like.

In my books, we do it together: I describe exact instructions on how to make the creation yourself.
Supported by detailed photographs and descriptions of the material used. It's up to you whether to follow the descriptions and materials or create something in the colors of your own choice. Together we create!

My name is Anja Toonen, I'm a Dutch designer and writer of crochetbooks.
In the last few years I've written several books on crochet: each with their own topic, style, or design. Whether you want to crochet a stuffed animal or a Animal Stool, a easterbunny or Christmas tree, all the designs can be found in my books. All the described patterns and designs are of my own creation and are later bundled as a book. 

My company's name is HAAKPRET (meaning Crochet Fun) and publishes the books that I write.

Buying a book...

Patterns are only available as hardcopy- or paperback book. I do not sell these patterns as PDF or ebook. All my books, in all languages can be purchased in this webshop. We do sell crochet packages for the book: 'Backpack Buddies to Crochet' and the stools which are necessary for the Animal Stool Crochet patterns. The books can be send to you: the shipping amount will vary per country. If you place an order and fill in the country the order has to be shipped to, you will automatically see what the shipping costs are. Shipping costs do include import fees and customs. 


We wish you lots of crochet fun!




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